Property Valuers, During the quarantine period, builders and developers did not increase the cost of apartments. There were cases of increasing pricing policy, which did not last long. After that everything returned to its original state.

In normal times, the discount period is formed for the New Year holidays. But this year, the market showed a tendency to maintain prices, without increasing or decreasing during the discount season. This continues until today.

A more interesting situation has formed in the secondary market. People perceived ready-made apartments as a safer option to buy during the quarantine period. Many remained in the hope of lower prices. But at the same time, the number of proposals for the purchase of apartments in the secondary market has decreased. Such a “delay” is an opportunity to keep the property for a better sale in the post-quarantine period.


Features of the formation of demand for apartments

Agreements for the purchase and sale in new buildings have decreased several times, but the active search for housing has remained a trend for the population. The sales department experts say that this phenomenon is a “deferred demand” – they choose an apartment with the prospect of buying in the near future.

Property Valuers also agree with this. It is obvious that the tendency to increase website traffic and activity in social networks continues. The office is often called to find out about the sale of apartments in the secondary markets and in new buildings.

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